npm as a Build System Can Be Slightly Annoying

I was originally going to title this article, "Why I Don't Like npm as a Build System," but I thought that sounded a little confrontational. I actually like the concept of npm as a build system, but there's one thing that project maintainers frequently forget: their Windows users (there are dozens of us!). This morning, I read a great article on ditching your Grunt/Gulp/etc dependency and using npm as your build system via npm scripts. It reminded me of a slight annoyance I ran into earlier this year when looking into contributing to angular-formly.

File Uploads with AngularJS and Ratpack: Part 1

Before I start this blog post, I just want to give a shout out to the Ratpack forum and especially the users that contribute to the forum. When I finished my code for this post, I posted it to the forum in hopes of receiving some criticism so that I could tweak it before writing an article about. At most, I expected a comment or two along the lines of, "Yah, XYZ is OK but you could maybe try it this way instead." In other words, helpful but not too helpful.

The next day, Luke Daley had forked my project (his fork is here) and made some major improvements. He was also available to answer a few questions I had about his changes. I already thanked him profusely on the forum, but I just wanted to offer my thanks again - it's communities like this that make me really enjoy working with new (to me) technology. So, without further ado, let's get into it..

Migrating Octopress to a New Computer

Yesterday, I decided to pull the trigger on updating to Windows 8.1. It went smoothly, but I couldn't seem to get Octopress working for me. Luckily, Daniel Auger posted a quick snippet (originally posted by @dlobckdotorg) on how to get back up and running. If you're moving Octopress to a new computer, make sure you save that post! Just in case either of their sites go away, I've reproduced it as a Gist here:

Ratpack: First Impressions

I first heard about Ratpack about a month ago at Gr8Conf US. I didn't make room in my schedule to go to any of the sessions, but I did add it to my (long) list of stuff to check out. Most things that end up on that list have a 50/50 chance of ever making it into my editor.

Luckily, I found an excuse to check it out - and I'm glad I did. My current project at work requires me to interface with a third party web based API, but that API doesn't actually exist just yet. Using Ratpack, I was able to quickly mock up the API and then code against my mock. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!), the application is for work and I can't share it. What I can share, however, is my first impression of Ratpack.