About Sean

My name is Sean Walsh. I'm a husband, father, and football fan. I'm a lead software engineer at DroneDeploy where I work to keep our frontend in line.

After I got out of the Army in 2009, I knew I wanted to do something with technology, but I wasn't sure what. In early 2010, I finally found my calling as a web developer. I got my start in a ColdFusion shop and worked quickly to devour as much knowledge as I could.

Since those humble beginnings, I've worked hard to learn as much possible. I fully believe in using the best tool for the job, and since then I've done development in a variety of languages - ColdFusion, PHP, Groovy, and Java, just to name a few. Coding is fun, and I don't see any reason to pigeonhole myself into a single language or toolset. I'm currently working with TypeScript, Objective-C, and Java, but I'll always continue to dabble in other technologies.

If you want to get in touch, your best bet is to reach out to me via e-mail, Twitter, or by adding a comment to one of my posts. You can also find me on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and LinkedIn.