My Schedule for MidwestJS

I can't believe MidwestJS is already back! I had a fantastic time last year, and I'm looking forward to attending again. The lineup looks great and I'm particularly excited because my brother, Ryan, will be giving a talk on unit testing with Enzyme.

Day One

There are four workshop slots on the schedule: Intro to React and Redux, Angular 2, Advanced React, and TBA. Last year, I attended the Angular 2 workshop. It was pretty good, but was definitely targeted toward people who had not used Angular 2 before. This year, I'm leaning toward the Advanced React workshop, but I'm really hoping that the TBA slot gets filled with something that is both advanced and a little more relevant to my day-to-day - I'd love to see NativeScript or React Native fill that last slot.

My schedule for day one will probably end up being a game time decision.

Day Two

  • 10:30 Effective RxJS in Angular 2. I skipped the RxJS talks last year and I'm regretting it now that I use RxJS a lot at my job.
  • 11:30 Marble Driven Development with RxJS. I understand observables and I know what a marble diagram is, but I can't read one to save my life. Hopefully Eric's talk will remedy this.
  • 1:30 Building Scalable, Maintainable Apps Using TypeScript and React. I'm a huge fan of TypeScript and React, but have never used them together. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the two tools come together.
  • 2:30 React UI and Unit Testing with Airbnb's Enzyme. This is my brother's talk! Need I say more?
  • 4:00 A Math-free Introduction to Neural Networks. Machine learning and neural networks are all magic to me. I hope I can come away from this talk with at least some idea of how I'd go about building a basic neural network.

Day Three

  • 9:00 Advanced JavaScript Debugging. The more complex our apps get, the harder they are to debug. Looking forward to picking up some tips and tricks from this talk.
  • 10:30 Multiplayer JavaScript Game Development. I don't have any real drive to get in to game development (I'll stick to playing them!), but I think a lot of the techniques that are useful for games can also be useful for other real-time applications.
  • 11:30 The Internet of JavaScripty Things: Control Bluetooth Devices with your Browser. I haven't done anything in the IoT world, and this looks like a great place to start!
  • 1:30 This is a toss-up between Rise of the Nodebots and Leverage the Power of Native with Progressive Web Apps. I'm skeptical about PWAs so I'm leaning toward the former, but if the previous IoT talk doesn't pique my interest, I'll head to the PWA talk.
  • 2:30 This is another toss-up: IoT Security Using Facial and Voice Recognition or Blockchain App Development with JavaScript and Sawtooth? On one hand, I know nothing about blockchain technologies and am eager to learn, but on the other hand, IoT seems so cool. If I'm all IoT'ed out, I'll head to the blockchain talk. Otherwise, expect to see me learning about facial recognition.

If you'll be attending and you want to talk drones, JS, or anything else, hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email at!